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Description: Our vision is to create a vibrant and uplifting space where women can be inspired, empowered, and connected within a community of faith.  We at The Sisterhood Magazine, believe that every woman is a light in the world, a beacon of hope and love for the world and each other. Our mission is to amplify inspiration, strength, and connection. Together, our goal is to create a sisterhood of faith that shines brilliantly, impacting lives in our community and across the globe by glorifying God."


Demographics: Women of diverse backgrounds, spanning various ages, ethnicities, religions, and economic statuses, collectively embody the rich tapestry of humanity. Their experiences, aspirations, and strengths showcase the beauty of inclusivity and resilience in the face of societal challenges, fostering a global sisterhood of unwavering strength and unity.


Distribution: This is a quarterly publication for women. The Sisterhood magazine can be found online, churches, women's small groups, business organizations, libraries, and nonprofits. Selected local businesses, coffee shops, and boutiques proudly displaying the magazine, uniting women in our community. 

The Sisterhood Magazine Vision Statement

The Sisterhood Magazine 

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